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About Me

I am a Confidence & Goal Success Coach and I help burnt out corporate women and female entrepreneurs release the frustration and overwhelm of not knowing what to do next when it comes to achieving their goals. I love empowering women like you, and being a resource and support as you navigate your unique success journey.

My coaching journey began after fighting my strongest battle with low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and imposter syndrome. After months of this internal battle, I decided that I was tired of trying to live according to everyone else's definition of success and was going to start focusing on what I wanted, but first I had to figure out what I wanted. And what I wanted was to help other women who were fighting the same struggle that I was. I wanted to help other high-achieving women define success for themselves and help them find the strength to stand in their power.

My methodology is a combination of the “hit it hard, knock it out of the park” style of goal-setting mixed with “I’m listening to my feminine energy and giving my body what it needs” plus a touch (or slightly more) of the Law of Attraction.